Over the years many questions have been fielded our way and we thought it would be fun to pass them along. Most people are amazed when they finally get to North Beach and find out it's nothing like they imagined it to be. Now remember, different ages are interested in different things.

Who ever thought of this idea? What a great idea! Usually asked while chilling out at the bar sipping a pina colada or a corona in shorts and a T-shirt in the middle of February when it's minus 30 degrees outside.

The answer is Roland Macrae and Burke Sasaki. These two guys that started this venture were sitting around one night when Roland said to Burke "Hey, you play beach volleyball. Do you think that people would like the idea of playing volleyball without having to go to the highschool gym?" The answer: "Put down sand and a bar with lots of parties and fun people hanging around and we can be partners!" So became North Beach.


Q: How deep is the sand, does it really go down all the way?
A: The sand is 2 feet deep.

Q: How did you get the sand in?
A: The sand comes in huge dump trucks, after 55 loads we lost track.

Q: Were do you get the sand from?
A: We were the first people to approach a company called "Hutcheson Sand" for indoor volleyball. It comes from Huntsville Ont.

Q: How hot does it get in the summer?
A: Who cares we just turn on the misters on court three and stay as cool as cucumbers. Cool Zone provides the misting.

Q: I hear that the bronze medallist train at North Beach?
A: John Child and Mark Heese love North Beach they have practiced over 1000 hours since we started and it's paying off. They're also cool guys.

Q: What do people wear to play at North Beach?
A: Well, I would say beach attire is acceptable, we've seen it all. One piece, two piece, muscle shirts, no shirt, no shoes, shoes, just socks, one guy in a Speedo, one lady in knee pads, again, we've seen it all!

Q: Do you do anything to the sand?
A: Why yes! We rake, rake and then we rake some more. We even shovel and water it too.

Q: I'll bet there's lots of stuff in the sand. You should get a metal detector and find stuff.
A: We did once. After 2 hours of searching we found a toonie………… That's a loonie per hour. Of course the steel in the floor made it interesting.

Q: Who painted the mural and how long did it take?
A: Our mural expert is Dave McEown and he is the best. He did it all by himself, that one guy. Three months, working mostly a night. It's hard to paint when the volleyball hits the wall every 5 minutes. Be sure and check out Dave's web site to see his most recent works and teachings.

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