No need to get on a plane this winter to experience the beach. Come to North Beach and you can run your toes in the sand with the entire sales force! Just like your company, here at North Beach volleyball we are committed to providing you (our customers) with great value and good service, in a fun, one of a kind atmosphere.  

As many of you may already know, Beach volleyball is a team sport. That means not only is it a lot of fun, but it can bring your staff together and teach them how to work as a team. Providing valuable lessons that can later be transferred to the office or work place. So make your next corporate event unique and fun for your staff and company by brining them to North Beach volleyball. With 7 years experience, and over 700 company events, our facility could be the best way for you and your staff and/or management to enjoy some down time in a tournament and social setting, combined perhaps with a small meeting or pep-rally. We recommend that you make up teams in advance so that all the right people get to play together. For those who are not playing, watching can be just as entertaining.

At North Beach we can do it all, however you would like it done!

Our tournament directors will set things in motion no matter how big or small you group is. Upon arrival we can provide a reception area with fruit appetizers and other snacks and/or a giant buffet dinner later on. (check out our on-line menu for all kinds of food options)

Our sand is deep so we play bare foot, a few stretches may be in order before some of you shake off the "dust!"


In addition to indoor beach volleyball, your group will also have access to our Licensed bar, televised sport lounges and an outdoor volleyball court with an adjacent patio area - weather permitting of course.

When you are all done playing in 1,500 tons of sand, we have male and female change rooms fully equipped with shower facilities as well as a towel rental service! Lockers are also available, however, we do not provide combination locks. Okay so there is one thing you have to do, but hey nobody's perfect!


Below, you will find all of the information you will need to get an idea of the big or small events you can do at North Beach. It is identical to the flyer we've used to book hundreds of events with all kinds of corporations over the last seven years. If you have any further questions or inquiries don't hesitate to call us at (416) 446-0777.

The staff at North Beach looks forward to accommodating your upcoming event. Let us take this opportunity to explain a couple of possible scenarios with which you could book your event. A simple pricing outline and options are all listed below.


  • 10-15 players - One court
  • 16-30 players - Two Courts
  • 31-45 players - Three Courts
  • 46-60 players - Four Courts
  • Up to six courts available for larger groups


  • Court time - $91.00 per hour per court - up to four hours
  • Private Party room - $85.00 per hour
  • Bar Services - please call for details.
    • Domestic Beer
    • Draft Pitchers
    • Imports/Coolers
    • Mixed Drinks/Shooters
    • Tropical
  • Food Services - Starting at $9.95 per person - Menu selection available upon request - i.e. Chicken wing platter, Chicken Fingers, Salad, Barbecue and Caribbean dinners, Buffet, etc.
  • Other Services Available - Tournament Director, Pro Players, Referees, Prizes, Live Entertainment, etc.
  • Towel Services - Available upon request

plus applicable taxes

There you are. A little bit of information to help you along with booking your event. Please remember that all the prices above are subject to applicable taxes and that we need to hear back from you as soon as possible. Also remember that North Beach requires a 50% deposit on all bookings over a standard two-hour court rental to ensure a secure spot, and there is a 18% gratuity on all food and bar.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you choose North Beach for your event. Please call us if you have any further questions, if you'd like us to fax you a Corporate Menu, or if you decide to book time with us at (416) 446-0777 and remember - time is short, don't miss out on your desired date.


Events Staff at North Beach


Please click on the image to download our corporate menu offerings.

Corporate Menu

Any further platters that you may want please inquire at North Beach Volleyball and we will do our best to accommodate your taste. After we check with the chef of course!

*All food subject to applicable taxes and 18% gratuity.